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Blue Heron Mudra Creative Works was formed to market and sell Barry Hunt's writing.

Barry Hunt writes from the heart with respect to the issues we all face in life: health, love, aging, loss, doubt, death and meaning in life. He also writes about our connection with the inner life that is untouched by the vagaries of the outer life.

The desire to know the nature of the Self is a vein of gold that lies deep within us. Blue Heron Mudra, Poems of Self Inquiry, arises from this desire.

The Prayer Beads, Poems for the Seasons of Life, explores our connection with that unlimited source of blessings deep within which we can tap into by simply turning our awareness inwards.

Blue Heron Mudra Creative Works offers his writing in electronic, audio and print formats. Please try our sample audio files found on the Store page.

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Blue Heron Mudra

"All day long the Blue Heron stands on one leg
In the Mudra of Self-Contemplation.

If I were to gaze upon my True Face
Would I not be so enraptured?"